Reminder to Exhibitors - Don't forget to check the expiry date on your APHA card and be sure to get it renewed before the first show. If you have an Amateur / Novice / Walk-Trot card, check the expiry date on the top left corner.  You will need to have this renewed as well. 

Attention Novice Amateur Exhibitors - New for 2016 and in accordance with the revised OPHC Awards Policy, each exhibitor must declare to which division they wish their Amateur Halter points to be assigned. A form is available online and will also be available in the show office. In order to have Amateur Halter points attributed to your Novice Amateur total for year end High Point awards, you must complete and submit this form prior to your first Amateur halter class in any given year.

News & Upcoming Events

  • Notice to Reader (financial report) is complete.  Please contact Bryan Ramsay if you wish to review it.

  • Be sure to Like our Facebook page called "Official Ontario Paint Horse Club"

  • Nominations for the 2017 OPHC Executive are now open.  We will have a short nomination meeting on Saturday, September 10th - time to be announced at the show. If you are unable to attend or wish to nominate somebody after this weekend, a nomination form is available here. Nominations must be received by October 1st and can be accepted by any current member of the Executive or emailed to

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