Congratulations to our July winners!

Champion - Jesse Lambourn with Invite Beth

Reserve - Maegan Hollinshead with Only A Kiss

3rd - Myriam Parisien with Texans Top Maid

4th - Kaleena Smith with Fancymeascotch

5th - Leanne Knox with Radical N Ultimate

6th - Kim Hepburn with Dream Impulse




Congratulations to our June winners!

Champion - Maegan Hollinshead with Only A Kiss

Reserve - Myriam Parisien with Texans Top Maid

3rd - Brianna Becks with Aristafax

4th - Jesse Lambourn with Invite Beth

5th - Katie Thompson with Aristafax

6th - Leanne Knox with Radical N Ultimate



The Cause

Founded in 2005 by Dr. Kathy Hrinivich, the sole purpose of The Safe & Sound Project is to provide aid and loving homes to animals in need. With the help of her team, Dr. Kathy and her team have saved and rehomed thousands of animals using The Animal Hospital of Cambridge as a base of operations. The project is a way of giving back to the community and offering relief to the overpopulated pounds, shelters and rescue operations. Representatives from The Safe & Sound Project will be at the shows with animals currently available for adoption so feel free to stop by for a snuggle in between classes and see what this fabulous program is all about!


The Class

The Safe and Sound Showmanship Challenge will be run immediately following the last APHA Showmanship class at the June, July, and September shows as a fun class (no APHA or OPHC points) to raise money for the Safe & Sound Project animal rescue. All entry fees will go directly to the rescue and will help to provide care for sick or injured puppies, kittens, dogs and cats. 


The Rules

  • Entry fees are $25 per person/horse team per show, or $60 per person/horse team for all three shows if paid in full at the June show. Sorry, no refunds!
  • The Class is open to EVERYONE with a registered paint.  An OPHC membership is NOT required.
  • Horse sharing is encouraged & each horse may be exhibited by an unlimited number of handlers! Trainers, friends, parents, sibling or anyone else you can think of are welcome!
  • Each exhibitor/horse combination must have their own number that must be the same at every show (corresponding to the exhibitor).
  • The class will be judged by one judge at each show; the judge will be determined by a random draw.
  • Ribbons and prizes will be awarded to sixth place at each show. The overall series top six will be determined by the cumulative scores combined over the three shows. i.e. if you scored a 68 in June, a 70 in July and an 85 in September your final score would be 223.


The Loot

So what's on the line other than a good time and glory?
1st through 6th place at each show will receive a gorgeous ribbon as well as some pretty cool prizes.  There are also giveaways to be drawn at random from the entries at each show.  Even if you fall on your face, you may still win a great prize just because you entered!

Overall Awards

  • 1st - Show halter from Kathy's Show Equipment
  • 2nd - Silver buckle from Kathy's Show Equipment
  • 3rd - 6th - engraved silver keychains from Kathy's Show Equipment


Click  HERE  for the June Showmanship Challenge pattern.

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