Team Tournament

Congratulations to all of our 2018 Youth/Amateur Teams!
The final point standings are as follows. We are totalling your best 3 placings to your best 6 judges over the course of the show season to arrive at the overall totals.
TEAM A - 476 pts

Melanie Moossdorff

Janet Termorhuizen

Maryline Blais

Stacy Slaytor-Free

Julia Laverdure

Stephanie Boyd

Carol Hawkins

Paige Robinson

Frances Holder


TEAM B - 612 pts

Margaret Steinbeck

Leanne Knox

Jacinthe Plourde

Cassie Monden

Michelle Moossdorff

Tara Carrington

Meagan Burke

Emily Meadowcroft

Brooklyn Shannon


TEAM C - 598 pts

Sadie MacPhail

Kaleena Smith

Donna Johnston

Liz Nooyen

Crystal Johnson

Jesse Lambourne

Luana Montag

Ashley Janzen

Shiloh Shannon


TEAM D - 445 pts

Bronwyn Playford

Breana Bailey

Veronika Franchetto

Lois McClean

Amy Wilson

Devan Haasnoot

Ramona Burke

Brianna Becks

Lauren Kremers

Tara Thomson